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Aviation generates large amounts of complex data

Fleet, network, traffic, maintenance and financial data are generated on a daily basis around the world. While this data is complex, its potential remains largely untapped

Aviation stakeholders face ever mounting challenges

Intense competition, environmental pressure, global pandemics and other hurdles make the aviation industry more challenging than ever

Aviation leaders must embrace the power of data analytics

Deciphering data and turning it into insights will help leaders define and implement winning business strategies in this complex industry


Almaz helps aviation leaders derive strategic decisions through analytics platforms


Powerful and interactive web applications to refine strategic decisions

Strong market awareness in just a few clicks

Actionable insights from analysts to C-levels

Enhanced analytics through cutting-edge technologies

Smart user experience to fit your needs

Data-driven consulting services to sharpen aviation leaders’ market understanding

Tailor-made presentations and reports

Rigorous and precise methodology

Forthright and insightful advisory

Almaz supports the entire aviation value chain


Strategic Benchmarking & Market Analysis
Airline Route Development Marketing
Short & Long-term Traffic Forecasts


Strategic Benchmarking & Market Analysis
Network Planning Optimisation
End of Lease & Maintenance Reserves Management


Aircraft Remarketing Opportunities Analysis
Maintenance Cash Flow Forecasts
Aviation Market Research


Aircraft Trading Opportunities Analysis
Aircraft Transactions Review
Aviation Market Research


Regional Aviation Market Research
Public Policies Impact Study
Passenger Traffic Forecasts


Maintenance Events Forecasts
Part-out Demand Analysis

Our Team

We are seasoned aviation professionals and data experts with a holistic view on the industry’s challenges worldwide

Ganesh Vedarattiname

Ganesh Vedarattiname

Head of Strategy

Started his career as an aviation consultant in New York, supporting investors, airlines and other aviation stakeholders on complex strategic and financial matters. He has been leading analytical efforts at the world’s largest business jet broker

Highly skilled in strategic planning and financial modelling

Bastien Chirat

Bastien Chirat

Head of Sales

Started his career as a marketing associate at BOC Aviation in Singapore, supporting the airline leasing and sales team in aircraft sales for the Asia Pacific region. Former manager in marketing and leasing at Airbus, supporting expansion plans in China

Excellent market research and aircraft analysis skills

Alexandre Dossin

Alexandre Dossin

Head of Technology

Started his career as an aviation strategy consultant at BDO, providing quantitative advisory for high profile clients. He has been working on the development of predictive maintenance solutions for Air France and international customers

Strong data science expertise and data engineering 

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